The kennel


At the moment, we’re having 6 dachshunds and 4 beagles at home.
Almost all our dogs at home are still competing in the showring or at hunting trials. We are trying to keep the number of dogs at home down, by trying to find pet homes for them when they’re have finished in the showring and not used in breeding any more. This is very hard for us because we love all of our dogs but if we kept all of them we could never keep any new puppies without getting to many dogs. BUT some oldies are just to hard to let go of and they stay in the kennel keeping an eye on the younger ones.

In 2007 my youngest daughter Jill became a co-owner of the kennel. She has been very intersted in breeding and showing our dogs since she was a little girl and it was a natural step that she joined as soon as she got the right age. 

Elisabeth domare2

Elisabeth is an authorized FCI judge since 1988. She is judging Dachshunds, Golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, Chesapeake Bay retriever, Flatcoated retrievers and Beagle. She’s been judging prestigious shows all over the world.

Jill domare
Jill is an authorized FCI judge since 2016. She’s judging Dachshund, English springer spaniel and Beagle.