Me, 1958, with my dad’s first litter

How it all started…
At a dogshow in Stockholm I met Leila Dahlberg and her longhaired dachshunds from kennel Örnbergets. I was 13 years old and my long persuasion campaign towards my parent got a goal, I wanted one of those! The 10th of Januar 1960, Örnbergets Cari was born and she was going to be my first longharied dachshund. No other breed was interesting thanks to a dear friend of our family, Marianne Herdenstam, that showed me the special thing with dachshund that you can never find in another breed.

Cari was sired by Colas v Gelbachtal, a black, quite ugly dog from huntinglines. Her mother was Örnbergets Carina a daughter of the famous Örnbergets Eko. Cari was a small bitch and mentally she was everything you could hope for. Not afraid of anything, always positive and together we won a 1st prize in obediance class.
With Cari, I got an consistans image on how a dachshund’s mentality should be.

The start of the kennel

Cari was the beginning of my breeding. My first litters was born -62 and -63 but I wasn’t allowed to keep any puppies. I was only 15 years old and still lived with my parents. Leila Dahlberg, that now had become a dear friend of mine, started to get older and offered me to take over her kennelname.
I moved to the southern parts of Sweden to study to a dentist and after some years there I started to notice that Cari was getting older. With her my breeding would die and I decided to take a last litter out of her. I mated her with the beautiful male, Enzo v Talholz.

Ornbergets Cari(liten)

Örnbergets Cari 

Cari gave birth to four puppies and I kept the male Örnbergets Feisal. Feisal became a showchampion and he also got merits in bloodtracking and burrowtests. Like his mother he had a perfect temperament and we also got a 2nd price in obediance.

New bitches

My breeding started to grow fast and I bought a black bitch, Anette. I mated her with Feisal and from that litter I kept, Örnbergets Gitte.  Gitte had some litters but I only kept a puppy from her last litter, Örnbergets Katja.  Katja’s father, Nicke, was a burrow champion and just like him Katja was fantastic in the forest. Gitte also got a black/tan daughter Örnbergets Lina (Sired by CH Fagermons Fagott). These two bitches became my foundation bitches.

Ornbergets Molly
CH Örnbergets Molly

I the beginning of 1978 I heard about a male in Finland (but originally born in Germany) Greif v Wesertal. Greif was everything I could hope for in my breedingprogram. I mated Katja to him three times and from all three litters there were showchampions. One of themwas Int o Nord U CH och SJ(g)CH Örnbergets Molly. In the early 80’s I started to travel to Germany a lot to find some new material. 1981 I bought Jago v d Hegge, a very important dog for me. At the moment I also had some miniatures and during one of my trips I bought CH Quintus von Heidemoor, a male that was going to be very important in the Northern countries.

During the years… 

We have bred over 500 puppies. I’m still having the same values as when I once started, concerning health, mentality and exterior.

Örnberget’s is now a famous kennel and well known in many parts of the world and I have exchanged bloodlines with kennels all over the world.

As a proof of the consistent quality of our dogs, we have showed almost 150 breeders groups to BOB. 

I have owned and/or bred many important dogs over the years, some examples are CH Loverboy van der Wijsterhoeve and CH Örnbergets Gianna are dogs that have been very important in my breedingprogram.
In the showring some dogs have made a huge impression;

CH Örnbergets Gretzky, CH Örnbergets Daniela and CH Örnbergets Amigo, just to mention a few.

In 2007 my youngest daughter Jill joined the kennel and together we now work hard to bring this enrich kennel to new successes.

Our goals:

We breed to get healthy dachshund with great mentality.

We always put mentality before exterior because first of all, ALL of our dogs are going to be beloved pets!

We breed to get dachshund with great exterior, brain and lots of personality.

Dogs that not fulfill the above mentioned will not be used in our breedingprogram.

We do everything we can to keep the dachshund as the healthy, happy and clever dog it is and always will be.

Our goal is to get the perfect dachshund…if it exists!