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Örnberget’s kennel is owned by Elisabeth and Jill Rhodin. We are mother and daughter and we run the kennel together since 2007 and before that Elisabeth have been breeding dachshund since 1962.

Elisabeth Rhodin, 74 years old. Lives outside Mariefred, Sweden, with her husband Janne. She has been working as a dentist and running her own practise in Strängnäs since 1979. She did retire in 2017. She was earlier the presidet for the Swedish dachshundclub but did work in the Swedish Kennelclub’s breeding committee for 30 years,
Elisabeth is also an authorized FCI judge, judging Dachshunds, Beagles, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Flatcoated retrievers and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.

Jill Rhodin, 35 years old. Living outside Stockholm wth her fiancé Henrik and their children Mauritz and Molly. She’s having a Master of Science in Medical Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology and works at Philips Healthcare. In their home all our beagles live and a few other dogs used for hunting, belonging to her fiancé. Jill is also an authorized FCI judge since 2016, judging Dachshunds, English springer spaniels and Beagles.


The kennel where our puppies are born is located in Mariefred, about 80 kilometres southwest of Stockholm.
Here lives Elisabeth, her husband Janne and all the dachshunds. Elisabeth have 4 lovely daughters and 12 grandchildren.

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Except the dogs we have some hens, ducks and some peacocks as well.

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